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The Fart Monster Strikes Again: Review Fart Monster and Me Chapter Book Series

April 24, 2018

The Fart Monster is back again in the hilarious new chapter book series. These books will have children crying with laughter. Anyone who has spent time with a young child will know that toilet humour keeps them entertained for hours!

In The Crash Landing, the Fart Monster makes a sudden appearance in Ben’s backyard one day. Soon they are inseparable – despite the obvious drawbacks – but young boys are not bothered by a bit of extra smelliness.  Or are they?

In The New School, Ben has just moved to Stone Beach and his bedroom is filled with boxes that need to be unpacked. Where is his school bag? The Fart Monster is keen to help and starts to randomly tip over boxes until the entire bedroom is covered in stuff!

Ben isn’t concerned about the mess, but he does start to worry when Fart Monster announces that he will be attending the new school along with him. Ben’s not that keen to arrive at his new school with a fart cloud trailing him and…what if the Fart Monster farted in front of the new kids and they thought it was Ben?

How was he going to fit in? Would his new teacher Mr Bendentoot like fart jokes?

The Fart Monster is keeping Ben on his toes at every turn. Surely the Fart Monster couldn’t fart in class – not on his first day! How would he ever make friends?

Filled with lots of colour and fun these books will be grabbed and devoured by the 5+ reader. Large text and great illustrations will make sure that little ones new to reading will feel comfortable tackling it on their own.

Expect to have the kids quoting lines such as ‘smell you later’ and ‘gotta get downwind’ for weeks after reading – a small price to pay to get them reading and loving it!

Bestselling Australian authors Tim Miller and Matt Stanton are very successful and experienced kids’ writers who know exactly what works.

Purchase a copy of Fart Monster and Me: The Crash Landing

Purchase a copy of Fart Monster and Me: The New School

Tim Miller lives in Sydney and is an Australian bestselling children’s author. By day, Tim is a Marketing Manager and in his spare time he writes hilarious books for kids of all ages. His first picture book, There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts, was an instant hit. He’s now published six picture books, including Dinosaur Dump and Don’t Spew in Your Spacesuit.

Tim’s most recent publications are two fiction books for emerging readers called Fart Monster and Me: The Crash Landing and Fart Monster and Me: The New School.

 Matt Stanton is a bestselling children’s author and illustrator, with half a million books in print. He is the co-creator of over ten bestselling picture books, including the mega-hits There Is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts and This Is a Ball. He launched his much-anticipated middle-grade series, Funny Kid, around the world in 2017. The first book in the series, Funny Kid for President, debuted as the #1 Australian kids’ book, and Funny Kid is fast winning legions of fans around the world. He lives in Sydney with his wife, bestselling picture book creator Beck Stanton, and their three young children.




  1. Archie Begg

    I am 6 and I have read “Crash landing”. I have the 2 books and I now have to read “The new school”.I like them because they are funny when the Fart Monster farts.More books please.

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