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The Very Noisy Baby by Alison Lester

November 7, 2017

Very noisy babyAlison Lester has returned to shelves to enchant little minds with her playful allegories, and spark joy with her frolicsome rhymes. Even the oldest of readers may find themselves charmed by The Very Noisy Baby, Lester’s most recent tale, marking her continued success in the genre.

The Very Noisy Baby tells of a baby who is exactly that: very, very noisy! She could make all sorts of sounds, no matter how strange, and this has caused her family a bit of grief at times, and of course lots of laughs. She lives in a little pink house on the edge of town, howling and roaring until she could howl and roar no more. By now her family has gotten used to her bellowing and neighing, although the neighbours sometimes mistake her for their lost pets!

One day, when the tiger escaped from the zoo, Coco the zookeeper came frantically searching for her deer tiger Stripey, looking far and wide, waiting to hear that almighty growl. When she heard a faint growl from the little pink house, she knock knock knocks on the door, only to find… it was the baby!

After this, the young girls from the pony club came in search for their horse who was silly enough to stray from the field. Again, they heard a faint neigh from the little pink house, and so they knock knock knocked on the door, only to find… it was the baby, again!

This continues day after day in the book, and as you read you learn of new animals, and the new sounds which belong to them, like the uncommon blue-speckled owl, or Mr McAlpine’s cockatoo. Eventually, the baby and her family find a way to help the town reunite with their missing animals thanks to her very peculiar sounds.

These quirky animals are accompanied by delightful illustrations not just of the stripy orange tiger, or the brown-spotted cow and her calf, but also of the noisy baby’s big and diverse community full of families, zookeepers, the girls from pony club, and others along the way.

Lester’s books have become a part of almost everyone’s childhood, and The Very Noisy Baby is no different. It’s a great read for ages 3+, as her curious noises and quirky animal impressions speak to the simple pleasures of being that age. When the community bands together, and uses the baby’s unconventional skill to help solve their problem, readers of all ages will find themselves delighted by the boundless charm of Alison Lester.

About the author:

Alison Lester is one of Australia’s most popular and bestselling creators of children’s books. She has won many awards, including the 2005 Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Picture Book of the Year Award for Are We There Yet? and the 2012 CBCA Eve Pownall Book of the Year Award for One Small Island. Alison lives on a farm in the Victorian countryside. She spends part of each year travelling to schools around Australia, helping students and teachers develop their own stories.

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