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Unlikely Friends: Review Catvinkle by Elliot Perlman

October 2, 2018

Can a dog and a cat become friends?

When Catvinkle and Ula the Dalmatian meet they couldn’t be more different. Catvinkle lives in luxury with Mr Sabatini who is a barber, has her own room with a fire place and a cosy basket that she spends a lot of time sleeping in. She enjoys being lazy and selfish and the most important things in her life are salmon, herring and dancing.

On the other side of the fence, Ula a loving and vulnerable dog, has found herself left behind by her owners who have moved to a new house. She has been living on the street, turned away from everywhere she goes but she still has hope that things will be ok.

One day the kind-hearted Mr Sabatini discovers Ula and decides to bring her home. Catvinkle is shocked to find a dog in her room and when they are left alone doesn’t quite know what to do.

However, it isn’t long before Catvinkle has decided that even though Ula is a dog she may also be great company.

This friendship isn’t without challenges – what will the cats at Kittens Anonymous think if Catvinkle is seen with Ula and can Ula cope with Catvinkles demands?

All of this is quickly put to the test when Catvinkle nominates Ula to help two sad children that they discover in Mr Sabatini’s salon. Unfortunately, this involves dealing with a very scary dog but Catvinkle has decided that this mission isn’t for her – will this be the end of their friendship or can they both find the courage to support each other and help the children with their problem?

This whimsical and heart-warming story filled with lots of laughs and larger than life characters tells the story of a cat and dog while also exploring important themes around friendship and exclusion, ultimately reminding children that even the most unlikely of people can become great friends.

This is well known author Elliot Perlman’s first book for children and emerged from the stories that Perlman once created for his niece. Now that he has two children of his own he has fortunately decided to develop them further.

The Adventures of Catvinkle is enhanced by Laura Stitzel’s wonderful illustrations that are filled with nostalgia. It will be published as a small hard back gift edition and would make beautiful gift for the Christmas stocking. A gorgeous book guaranteed to give great joy, you could easily curl up with your little one to read it together. Equally, independent readers 8+ years will love it.

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Elliot Perlman is the author of the award-winning novel Three Dollars (Victoria’s favourite book, as voted by Victorians, and which was also a feature film starring David Wenham and Sarah Wynter), The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming (a collection of award-winning stories), and the novel Seven Types of Ambiguity. He is published in 20 countries, to glowing reviews. All of his books have won awards here and overseas, and all three of his books have been bestsellers in Australia and internationally. He is hailed as the ‘Zola of Australia’ in France. He lives in Melbourne.



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