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5 Author Podcasts, Perfect for an Easter Road Trip

April 18, 2019

Road trips and podcasts go together like Easter and eggs. Many book lovers use this time to listen to audio books. But another great way to feed your bookish needs is to listen to the Better Reading Stories Behind the Story podcast, where Cheryl Akle discusses life, literature and everything with a lineup of truly amazing authors.

We’ve put together a list of five fabulous episodes to tune into this Easter, whether you’re on the road or at home.

Dervla McTiernan podcast

The Better Reading community loves Dervla McTiernan’s bestseller, The Ruin. Here, Dervla joins Cheryl Akle to discuss her success as a writer and the difficulties of writing the follow-up to a bestseller, in this case her latest novel, The Scholar.

Chris Hammer podcast

Another Top 100 favourite is Scrublands. In this podcast, journalist and bestselling author, Chris Hammer, joins Cheryl Akle on this week’s podcast to talk about Chris’s move from non-fiction to fiction, and the real-life trip around Australia that inspired him to write Scrublands.

Emily Rodda podcast

One to share with the kids is when Cheryl is joined by best-selling children’s author Emily Rodda to discuss her new book His Name Was Walter – a story within a story that shows us the extraordinary power of true love, and solves a decades-old mystery. Together they discuss the importance of children’s fiction, and how Emily came to be a successful author.

Trent Dalton podcast

In this episode, Cheryl is joined by Trent Dalton to discuss his debut novel Boy Swallows Universe – an utterly wonderful novel of love, crime, magic, fate and coming of age, set in Brisbane’s violent working-class suburban fringe. Together they talk about Trent’s past, and the experiences that led to him becoming a journalist searching for answers and truth.

Josephine Moon podcast

Let’s end this list with something sweet, and who better than chocolate lover Josephine Moon, who joins Cheryl to discuss ‘uplifting, inspiring fiction, called Up Lit. They also discuss the wonderful program Authors for Farmers, the generosity of the writing community, and Josephine’s latest book The Gift of Life.



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