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A Special Bookmark With Legs for Every Kind of Book

August 14, 2015

How cute are these? Ukranian artist Olena Mysnyk is selling her unusual bookmarks all over the world via Etsy. Her Etsy store, MyBookmark, has a bookmark for every taste and every kind of book. Sexy bookmarks for erotic fiction, cute animal and character bookmarks for kids books and glamorous ones for those who simply like glamour. Some are even specific to the book itself, such as a pair of gross little Hobbit legs for Tolkien lovers; Alice’s feet for Alice In Wonderland; the Wicked Witch’s feet for the Wizard of Oz. You can even get the bookmarks personalised with your own name.

Founder and owner Mysnyk makes the gorgeous little bookmarks herself.  She says, “I always loved to create unusual stuff, make experiments, invent something new and, of course, to surprise people!”
















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