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All the Tears in China by Sulari Gentill: Your Preview Verdict

January 23, 2019

Our latest Preview title was All the Tears in China by Sulari Gentill – an outstanding Rowland Sinclair story that throws a classic murder mystery into a glitzy, glamourous, tawdry and dangerous world, entrancing both new and old readers. We’ve collected all of your Preview reviews to see what readers thought of the book, and the results are clear – this book has certainly lived up to its hype! People described the book as entertaining and fascinating, with a host of loveable characters. For fans of historical and crime fiction, this is an absolute must-read – but don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at these glowing reviews:

‘Sulari Gentill’s All The Tears in China is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel with a touch of flamboyance. Her vivid descriptions of Shanghai in its heyday, steeped in a time of political and cultural unrest, immerses the reader into a world of colourful characters to whom we can all relate. Rowland Sinclair and his friends take the reader on a grand adventure as they seek the truth in a country where the truth can be bought – at the right price. While this is Book Nine in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series, it is the first I have read, and I find myself wondering how I had never heard of this series before. I am now off to track down the first eight books and devour them whole.’ – Mel, NSW

‘A classic whodunnit! I had not read any of the Rolland Sinclair series before this one, but it didn’t seem to matter. The characters were interesting and engaging. I particularly liked Edna, a no nonsense woman. A enjoyable read, with suspense and interesting historical facts.’ – Ros, ACT

‘I must preface my review by saying that I do not generally read murder mysteries or that I had read any of the previous books of the author so I was not sure whether I would enjoy the read. Having said that, I am glad that I did. This book can be easily read without having read the other Sinclair novels. I enjoyed that Sinclair was almost the anti-hero and he is surrounded by a group of friends who add greater depth to the story. When reading the novel, it reminded me of the Phryne Fischer novels, so would recommend it for those who enjoy Kerry Greenwood’s novels. A great light read…. with lots of twists and turns.’ – Katarzyna, VIC

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘introduction’ to Rowland Sinclair through Sulari Gentill’s next instalment, ‘All the Tears in China’. This style of novel is not what I usually go for, but I really enjoyed delving into Rowly’s tale. From the superb attention to detail with character introductions and setting scenes, to facts from a bygone era, this novel’s storyline is just brilliant. Although this is the ninth novel in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series, it can be read as stand alone. But be prepared to have to previous eight novels lined up ready to read… I fell in love with the charm and warmth of the friendships displayed in my mind through Sulari’s fabulous descriptions. Well done Sulari… I am hooked!! Great read.’ – Rebecca, TAS

‘Australian writer Sulari Gentill presents the ninth book in her popular Rowland Sinclair series. Gentill’s fiction has won or been shortlisted for awards an enviable number of times, and a new book from her commands immediate attention and an expectation of enjoyment. That expectation is amply rewarded, as the author manoeuvres her usual cast of characters through a series of alarms and excursions in Shanghai, where Rowland has been dispatched to deputise for his brother at meetings with wool brokers. Reluctantly accepting the mission, he is as ever accompanied by his entertaining and staunch friends.

The differences between the straight-laced and conventional Wilfred and the renegade Rowland highlight the range of characteristics found within families, and the divergent political views in 1930s Australia. Much entertainment comes from the activities of the band of friends who manage to get themselves into (and out of) scrapes, largely financed by Rowland’s family money. The beautiful and independent sculptress Edna, the poetry-quoting Milton and the artist Clyde form a powerful team with Rowland, as they encounter a Shanghai that delivers high society, vice, spies, murder, stretches in prison for Rowly, and mysteries galore. As always in the series, the fun is accompanied by painless absorption of the history of the ever-fascinating 1930s. Bring on the next in the series!’ – Margaret, NSW

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  1. Robyn cain

    I haven’t read this one but have loved the other Rowland Sinclair books so excited to get this book. I find it difficult to find these books but will hunt for it. Great series. 👌

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