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And The Winner Is: Heather Rose

December 19, 2017

Heather RoseBorn: 10 August 1964

Childhood: Grew up in Hobart, Tasmania.

Best known for: Winning the Stella Prize in 2017 for her book The Museum of Modern Love, a progressive book that weaves together fact and fiction. It is inspired by Marina Abramaovic and her performance called The Artist is Present, which continued for seventy-five days.

How many books published: Rose has written seven books: four are adult fiction, and the other three co-authored with Danielle Wood under the pen name Angelica Banks.

How she became a writer: By the age of sixteen, Rose was writing a weekly column in the Hobart Mercury and she won the Tasmanian Short Story Prize in 1981. But it wasn’t until 1999 that she published her first novel White Heart, the story of two children growing up in Tasmania.

 Star Sign: Leo

Quotable quotes: ‘I want nothing more than to continue to write, but nothing is more difficult for me than writing.’

Most Recent Book: The Museum of Modern Love, winner of the 2017 Stella Prize.

Past Times: Heather lives on the shores of the River Derwent where she writes, paints, admires clouds, ocean swims, grows things, and makes the occasional cake for family and loved ones.

Did you know? Although Rose is an acclaimed and prize-winning author, she is also one of Tasmania’s best known businesswoman. At around the same time she finished writing her first novel, Rose co-founded an advertising agency – and it became so successful that in 2004 Rose was named Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman of the Year 2004.

Rose has also worked as a goatherd.

Favourite Author: Rose loves the work of Danielle Wood. In her Stella Prize interview, Rose called Wood ‘Australia’s Angela Carter.’ Wood’s adult fiction is dark and twisted.


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