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Announcing Our Friday Night-In Special Guest: Graeme Simsion

December 5, 2017

FNI 2Friday 8th December at 8pm AEST, we are very excited to announce that regular couchers Fiona Higgins and Kylie Ladd will be joined by Graeme Simsion. He has written numerous bestsellers, including The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect, and The Best of Adam Sharp, and most recently co-authored Two Steps Forward with Anne Buist.

On the panel he will be discussing his book The Best of Adam Sharpa novel about love, music, and coming to terms with the past.

Tune in to our Facebook page at 8pm this Friday to watch the live stream. You can ask questions or give an opinion in the comments section! You can find us here.

Fiona Higgins and Kylie Ladd will be talking about the two books they’ve both read lately: Under the Cold Bright Lights by Gary Disher and Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra.

Under the Cold Bright Lights by Gary Disher

Set in Melbourne, Under the Cold Bright Lights boasts an outstanding cast of characters ably led by Acting Sergeant Alan Auhl. When Auhl rides the tram into work, ‘generalised anxiety’ rides with him. He still lives with his ex-wife off and on and the chill between them is all the more arctic for occasional moments of warmth.

After more than half-a-decade sabbatical, Auhl has rejoined the force, taking over the Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit. While he may be just a ‘retread’ to his colleagues, the old cop who’s always free to back up young detectives for more urgent cases has a wealth of knowledge that makes him the perfect candidate to work on unsolved crimes and come up with new leads.

He may be burnt-out. He may be troubled. He may be old. But one thing’s for sure, Auhl will stick to these cases until justice is done. One way or another.

Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra

Anna Snoekstra’s Little Secrets is a riveting thriller with a dark mystery that is utterlycompelling right through to the last page. The latest book from an outstandingly talented Australian writer weaves a web of mystery through a small Australian town which is terrorised by a series of bizarre and horrific crimes. One ambitious journalist, disillusioned with her ordinary life will do anything to gain a reputation, even if it means bending the truth in her favour . . .



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