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Author Mark Isaacs Jumps Up & Down for Kids

October 15, 2015

Mark Isaacs, author of the book The Undesirables which recalls his time working in the Nauru Immigration Detention Centre, will be one of the attendees at today’s release of the powerful, provocative song and video ‘Jump’. The song is intended as a call to action to all Australians to ‘jump up and down’ until all children have been freed from immigration detention in Australia.

performer-jacinta-gulisano-and-campaign-director-virginia-francis (1)The event to mark the song’s release is held today at Burwood, Sydney, and features speakers including Isaacs, Phil Glendenning, President of the Refugee Council of Australia, Dorothy Hoddinott, Australian Human Rights Medal winner and Virginia Francis, Campaign Director Jump Up&Down 4 Kids, as well as senior representatives from other groups advocating for the release of children in immigration detention.

The song is performed by X-Factor finalist Jacinta Gulisano and produced by acclaimed international producer Philippe-Marc Alquetil (former song coach for One Direction and Little Birdie) and written by James Long and Mark Rix. The video, by Jose Fernandez, features Australians of all ages and from all walks of life ‘jumping up and down’ about the injustice of keeping children in immigration detention.

“Calls by Australians from all walks of life to end the detention of children in immigration facilities in both Australia and in offshore centres like Nauru are loud and growing by the day,” says Campaign Director Virginia Francis.

“There is a sense that a critical mass is no longer prepared to stand by and see vulnerable children suffer. The evidence is irrefutable: detaining children causes them terrible harm. Some environments like Nauru are just not safe. These children remain in real danger of being subjected to physical and sexual abuse. The poor mental health of children in detention is well documented. Many self-harm. The practice of detaining children must be abolished and we must never, ever return to it.”

Jump Up&Down 4 Kids is made up of everyday Australians and began with an invitation to anyone to take a photo or video of themselves jumping and post it on the campaign Facebook page. The song and music video released today is intended as “a rallying cry for action for everyone who believes that every child has the right to live in an environment that is safe and where they can grow and thrive,” says Virginia Francis.

For more information Facebook: Jumping Up &Down

Or listen to the song here



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