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Better Reading Preview: The Woman from Saint Germain

January 22, 2019

Our next Preview title is The Woman from Saint Germain by J.R. Lonie! To register your interest in being a Preview reviewer for this title, just fill out the form below. Please only enter once:

Sorry, the number of entries for this title has been reached. Please look out for our next Preview title, coming soon!

Better Reading Preview: an exclusive chance to read and review free books before anyone else

We invite our trusted community to engage directly with the nation-wide conversation about books by registering for Preview, our new crowd-sourced book review platform.

Due to the quality, helpfulness and perceptiveness of our readers, we are launching a platform that allows your voice to be heard.

So what is Preview and how do I sign up?

Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t already) to hear about the next Preview offer. The first 50 people to register will be selected to receive a free pre-publication book known in the publishing industry as a ‘proof.’ Usually these are printed 3-4 months before they hit the bookshelves.

But be warned – there are only limited copies of each book available for review, so you need to register your interest immediately or you’ll miss out. First in, first served.

We want you to have fun with Preview – post photos of your book when you receive it on Instagram or Facebook, and share your thoughts using the hashtag #BRPreview. Be sure to tag Better Reading in your posts! We love to hear from our readers. If you have a Goodreads account, we encourage you to share you review here too.

When you register you are expressing interest for the following:

-A free copy of the book sent to your address in exchange for a review of the book.

-A successful registration to review a book is for that single title, only. With every new book announced, you need to register your expression of interest again. You can register for as many books as you like.

-When announced, registrations are open for one week only. Keep an eye on our FB page and weekly newsletter for these announcements.

-Selected reviews will be featured on the Better Reading website, and the publisher may use the reviews for promotion.

-All reviews must be no longer than 200 words and received before the deadline to be eligible. You have 4 weeks from receiving your book to write your review.

-Reviews will be selected for their overall helpfulness, factoring in relevance, eloquence, fairness, and respectfulness.

-In submitting your review, you agree to offer your words to the publisher and Better Reading to use for promotional and marketing purposes. You will be identified by your first name and Australian state.

-All Preview proofs are submitted by publishers to Better Reading and distributed to selected reviewers. Publishers have no direct contact with reviewers and no influence over who will review their books.

-Better Reading does not share your personal details with any third party. All details submitted will only be used by Better Reading and the publisher for the purposes of Preview.

– Social media posts about Better Reading Preview may be shared by Better Reading on our social media channels and website.

-Only Australian residents can register for Preview.

-Preview demand is incredibly high, and there are only limited spots available for each title. To keep things fair, if you fail to provide a review for your Preview title on two occasions, you will unfortunately not be selected for future Preview titles.


  1. Anna Loder

    I would love to

  2. Debbie backway

    Thank you sounds great.

  3. Chris Fairbairn

    I’d love to preview The Woman From Saint Germain please!

  4. stacey greentree

    would love to

  5. Petra Suttle

    Oh yes please

  6. Jane Carter

    Would love to preview and review

  7. Sue Hall

    Yes please

  8. Alice Howson

    Yes please.

  9. Melissa Trevelion

    Book sounds very intriguing and I’d love to preview it. Thank you!

  10. Astrid Mertzlin

    I’d love to read and review this book.

  11. Vivien Stewart

    I would love to preview this new book.

  12. Sue Bouquet

    Yes please! Would love to read, and write a review.

  13. Allyson Smith

    Yes I would be happy to read and review The Woman from Saint Germain

  14. Marilyn Tench

    Yes please I would love to be a reviewer.

  15. Tracy Harris

    I’d like to be considered to review this book, thanks

  16. Anita

    would like to read and review this one

  17. Lousin Nasta

    Yes please, would like to review

  18. Karen Boles

    Yes please – would love to review this one .

  19. Karen Corban

    Yes please

  20. Christina Kouvardas

    I would love to review this book 📚

  21. Karen Galea

    Yes please, it sounds intriguing!

  22. Jennifer Taylor

    I would love to review this book

  23. Jodi Corbett

    I would love to be considered to review this title please

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