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Book of the Week

May 19, 2015

Patrick Gale cements his position as one of the great storytellers with A Place Called Winter.  Deftly weaving tenderness, love, loss, passion and human struggle into an unforgettable and irresistible story, this is one of those books you never want to end – it leaves you calling for more.

With his mother dead and practically abandoned by his father, Harry Crane is as good as orphaned around the turn of the twentieth century. But after his father’s death, the estate should ensure he never has to work. When Harry develops a remarkable rapport with a woman in love with another man, he is swept along by his in-laws-to-be, weds Winnie, fathers her child and loses a large part of his inheritance on a family member’s whim.   Coasting through life, a deliciously clandestine affair brings Harry his first taste of love and with it, a scandal that could destroy him…

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