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Book of the Week: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

February 14, 2017

Why we love it: Behind her Eyes is the latest spellbinding psychological thriller that’s got everyone talking. It’s fast-paced, cleverly written, creepy, sometimes funny, and delivers an extraordinary twist  – hence the publisher’s hashtag, #WTFthatending.

419IdX4WSsL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Louise is a single mother working at a psychiatric clinic in North London. Life is a struggle sometimes, but she likes her job as a secretary and she loves a chat with her best pal Sophie over a glass of white wine, but most of all she loves her six-year-old boy, Adam.  One night in a bar she enjoys a flirtation with a stranger that ends with an illicit kiss, and in a disastrous coincidence she sees the same man being shown around her clinic the next day – with his wife. It turns out the man is her new boss, David.

Discovering she’s kissed a married man who’s also her boss is not what she needs in her life right now, especially as she comes to terms with Adam’s dad, her ex-husband, becoming a father again with his new partner. As she bravely tries to put the kiss behind her and establish a professional manner with her new boss, she bumps into his gorgeous and stylish wife, Adele, the next day. Louise is flustered and guilty, but Adele is on a mission to befriend Louise – she invites her for coffee, is altogether charming, and insists they exchange phone numbers.

Louise knows she should tell David that she met his wife but somehow she never gets around to it and before she knows it, her attraction to both David and Adele is growing. She’s acutely aware that she should give up one of them but they’re both pursuing her, one as a friend, the other as a lover.  As she finds out more about this beautiful couple, she’s starts to worry about Adele; David seems to be controlling her and Adele is taking lots of pills – prescribed by David. The couple are hiding some intriguing secrets from their past and Louise is unsure which one of them she can trust. Is David all he’s cracked up to be or is he in fact a crazy control freak? Or maybe they’re both crazy…

Behind her Eyes is a one-of-a-kind thriller, well written, edgy and unpredictable. The main character Louise is funny and likeable, self-deprecating and a little naïve. We’re willing her not to involve herself with this gorgeous sophisticated couple and because of the clever narration alternately from Louise and Adele, the reader is always one step ahead of Louise and almost knows what she’s getting herself into – making for a dramatic and addictive page-turner.

Sarah Pinborough, credit Doselle YoungIt’s one of those books where it’s almost painfully suspenseful so you just have to know what’s coming next, and not even the most hardened thriller reader will guess at the unfolding of this clever plot.  Behind Her Eyes has already received multiple rave reviews, including: ‘A dark, electrifying page-turner with a corker of an ending’ – Writer Harlan Coben; ‘This year’s must-read thriller’ – The Evening Standard; ‘Set to be one of the most talked-about books of 2017’ – Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Sarah Pinborough is an award-winning YA and adult thriller, fantasy and horror novelist and screenwriter. She has published more than twenty novels, including recently, the dystopian love story, The Death House, and a teenage thriller, 13 Minutes, bought by Netflix with Josh Schwartz adapting.


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