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Book of the Week: The Long Class Goodnight by Sammy J

April 3, 2018

It’s not easy being told you’re a loser, especially when the people delivering the news to you are your parents. Add to this a long overdue confession from your father that he is also a loser and that you come from a long line of losers and you have the beginnings of a very bad day!

Unfortunately, the day that this news was delivered to Justin Monaghetti was his first day of high school. Armed with a pair of ‘German-made,’ reinforced wedgie-proof underpants Jack sets out desperate to prove that he will break with family tradition and make it through high school unscathed.

His plan of attack is simple, survive his first class, join the chess club and make some friends. All this appears achievable until he meets Wade Turner, who introduces himself via a barrage of flying spit balls to the back of Justin’s head.

The Mount Willow Secondary School Principal, Dr Featherstone, runs a tight ship and while students are required to closely adhere to the Mount Willow Secondary School Handbook, it quickly becomes clear that some people, and one person in particular, appear to be above the school rules.

Meanwhile Justin meets Eliza who is planning to escape by the end of their first day while following the school rules to the letter. Although Jack admires her ability to read between the lines, Eliza’s successful escape will leave him friendless and at the mercy of Wade Turner.

A chance meeting with the school gardener offers Justin some insight into important Mount Willow survival skills, but how can Jack, who has short legs and zero ball skills, make it through a single gym class?

The rapid realisation that no one is going to come to his rescue gives Justin an idea that begins to set change in motion – maybe he can break the family tradition.

This hilarious account of Justin’s struggle will be read in one sitting and enjoyed by parents and children alike. In the tradition of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Weir Doh, The Long Class Goodnight will provide plenty of good laughs and a light-hearted look at school dynamics, friends and bullying.

Sammy J is an award-winning comedian, writer and musician. A proud nerd, he abandoned his law degree to travel the world and sign funny songs for a living. You may have seen him on TV, at a comedy festival or as one half of the man/puppet duo Sammy J and Randy. His album Skinny Man, Modern World received an ARIA nomination for Best Comedy Release and a he gained a national following with his satirical take on the 2016 Federal Election, Sammy J’s Playground Politics, Sammy J regularly runs workshops in schools, and his writing has appeared in multiple publications. The Long Class Goodnight is his first middle grade novel

Purchase a copy of The Long Class Goodnight here

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