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Breaking Book News: Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Heading for TV

July 17, 2019

Exciting news for Jack Reacher fans: Amazon has won the rights in a major bidding war to develop a new television series based on Lee Child’s bestselling novels.

Jack Reacher has already been on the big screen, with Tom Cruise in the title role, in two films that grossed over $400 million combined. The series for TV will be written and produced by Scorpion creator Nick Santora.

Jack Reacher is a billion-dollar brand and about to get bigger. Author Lee Child’s expressed his desire to find the perfect actor for to play the character in a BBC interview last year.

“Cruise, for all his talent, didn’t have that physicality… So what I’ve decided to do is – there won’t be any more movies with Tom Cruise. Instead we’re going to take it to Netflix or something like that. Long form streaming television, with a completely new actor. And I want all those readers who were upset about Tom Cruise to help me out – participate in choosing the right actor for the TV series. We’re rebooting and starting over and we’re going to try and find the perfect guy.”

Looks like that will be a job for Amazon now.




  1. jeff townsend

    Liam Neeson for jack! It is how I imagined him when I read the series! jeff

    1. Paula

      Gets my vote too

      1. gordon oakley

        He’s gotta be big. If you can make Chris Hemsworth look 40+, I’d vote for him!

  2. Annie

    Liam Neeson my vote

  3. Beverley White

    I liked Tom Cruise, maybe you should have a vote and see how many agree. People who complain are usually the minority.

  4. Richard

    Liam has my vote too.

  5. Gadget

    Jerrod Butler

  6. L McKebzie

    Hugh Jackman would be perfect. He’s the closest to the picture in my head

  7. Ros Kerz

    Chris or Liam Hemsworth

  8. G

    Liam Neeson but still not macho enough… I see Jack in my mind as scruffy, broad shoulders, big biceps ….certainly no Tom Cruise soooo disappointing he was . Wish I could mix and match 😂😂😂😂

  9. Nigel

    Leive Schriver

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