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Brilliant Dark Mystery: Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra

November 7, 2017

Little Secrets 2What happens when ambition trumps the truth?

Anna Snoekstra’s Little Secrets is a riveting thriller with a dark mystery that is utterly compelling right through to the last page. The latest book from an outstandingly talented Australian writer weaves a web of mystery through a small Australian town which is terrorised by a series of bizarre and horrific crimes. One ambitious journalist, disillusioned with her ordinary life will do anything to gain a reputation, even if it means bending the truth in her favour . . .

In the opening pages of Little Secrets, an arsonist burns down the town courthouse and kills a young boy who was trapped inside. In towns like this, everybody knows each other, and yet the string of arson attacks makes the truth hard to uncover. Rose, an ambitious young journalist who narrowly missed out on a dream cadetship, is desperate for her big break. Stuck moving kegs and pouring beers for cops at the local pub, and dispirited by the rejection letters she has received, she finally decides she’s had enough and sets out to investigate the fire-lighting psycho ravaging her neighbourhood.  

More strange things keep happening around town. Someone has been leaving porcelain dolls on doorsteps, and the dolls look like the little girls that live there. Rose senses a trail and follows it, publishing her first article for local tabloid newspaper, The Star, with a slight fabrication that police believe the person responsible may be a paedophile. It is possible, and yet Rose wrestles with the guilt of writing that simply for the impact it will have. But once the investigation of the lifelike dolls goes cold, The Star rejects her second article, shattering her newfound confidence.

Meanwhile Rose is becoming romantically involved with a police officer. He has inside knowledge of the case, but refuses to share information because of his loyalty to the badge and fear of being manipulated by her.

When her suspicions are aroused by the presence of a strange man staying at the pub, it feeds Rose’s paranoia. Could he be the culprit? Or does she just want him to be the perp so that she can write a triumphant scoop? To what lengths will Rose go to fulfil her dream of becoming a successful journalist?

Compelled to taking more drastic measures to make her ambitions come true, Rose will do anything it takes to escape the smallness of her life, even if it means putting herself in the path of danger.

Little Secrets is an intelligent, engrossing cerebral mystery by an up-and-coming Australian author who reminds you of writers such as the acclaimed Jane Harper, Candice Fox, and Paula Hawkins. And don’t think others haven’t already noticed. Her debut domestic noir, Only Daughter, has not only sold to 19 countries, Hollywood has already optioned it for the big screen.

‘A smart and compulsive thriller that perfectly evokes the claustrophobia of small-town Australian life. I couldn’t put it down!’ – Graeme Simsion.

Anna Snoekstra delivers atmosphere in spades,’ Judges comments, Ned Kelly Awards 2017

About the author

Anna Snoekstra was born in Canberra Australia in 1988. She studied Creative Writing and Cinema at Melbourne University, followed by Screenwriting at RMIT University. Anna’s short films and music videos have screened around the world. She has written an array of published and award winning short fiction and has worked as a cheesemonger, waitress, Christmas elf, nanny, receptionist, cinema attendant and film reviewer. Anna’s debut novel Only Daughter, published in September 2016, was shortlisted in the Best First Fiction category in the 2017 Ned Kelly Awards and has been optioned by Universal Pictures. Her second book Little Secrets is out now.  

Grab your copy here and start reading here


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