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Do You Dream of Writing a Book? Win Your Own Scrivener Software

August 1, 2019


Do you dream of writing a book? Have you listened to our 6-part Better Reading On Writing podcast series? Has that inspired you to write your own book?

For anyone who has listened to to the series, you’ll have now heard of Scrivener. It’s the go-to writing software for many authors and academics. Thanks to Scrivener, we’re giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win their own version of this amazing writing software.

Just answer below, “What would you do with your own Scrivener software?”

But first… let’s tell you what we think of Scrivener.

Review of Scrivener by Better Reading writer, Jane Tara

“Yeah, I really recommend Scrivener. I mean, it’s very simple. First of all it’s not outrageously overpriced, as a lot of these systems are you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. It’s a one-off fee, and you’ve got this solid piece of software that works.” – Dervla McTiernan

Listen to Dervla McTiernan’s episode and you’d think she was talking about the Holy Grail as she talks about Scrivener. We’ve had a number of writers mention it to us at the Better Reading office. Victoria Purman also uses it and talked about it on a recent Facebook Live. so we decided it was time to try it out for ourselves.

What is Scrivener

Scrivener is a tool for writers. While many writers punch out their novels in Word, more and more authors are using Scrivener.

Our Verdict

This is not my first time off the blocks. I have over 70 books published. The book I started writing in my new Scrivener software is the third novel in my YA series The Lost Girls. I am quite happy and productive writing in Word, so went into this experiment with no real desire to change.

So how was it launching into a new novel in Scrivener? One word:


The transition was smooth and the software simple to use. General writing didn’t change much however what I quickly discovered is that the real benefit of using Scrivener is how easy it is to organise everything, and I mean everything, in one place.

Along the side of the program you can organise everything you need that relates to what you’re working on. You can collate ideas and research, maintain timelines, character details and even photos for inspiration. It’s easy to keep information that you refer back to regularly, all in one easily accessible place. This is great while writing any novel, but it was an incredible time saver for this book being the third in the series.

Another benefit is you can see all your chapters, and then break them down into scenes, and get a visual for the flow – and if something needs to be moved, it’s easy to simply change that scene and place it elsewhere.

I’m only getting started, but I can honestly say there’s no going back for me. I’m discovering new features and benefits to Scrivener each time I write. I’m a convert. I totally understand why writers love Scrivener. I won’t be using anything else from now on.

For your chance to win, just fill in the form below. This giveaway closes at 5pm AEST on Thursday August 8, 2019, and terms and conditions can be found here.

And remember… answer below, “What would you do with your own Scrivener software?”

Great Scrivener Giveaway


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    Would love to find out if my waffling on over many years has any merit at all. From that statement you will glean that i have lived for many a summer……but, should that be an obstacle?

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