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For partygoers and aspiring authors: Why The Girl on the Page is the perfect Christmas gift

December 18, 2018

Choosing which books to buy as gifts at Christmas can be tricky and with the silly season well underway, we’re here to recommend some great books for the special people in your life. Next up on our list is The Girl on the Page

Two women, two great betrayals, one path to redemption. The Girl on the Page is a punchy, powerful and page-turning novel about the redemptive power of great literature from industry insider John Purcell.

This book was certainly one of the highlights of this year, and for good reason – it has a bit of everything: hard-drinking, bed-hopping, writing and money-making. For the readers in your life who don’t mind a spritz or two themselves, or who appreciate the value of a good party, this book will go down an absolute treat on Christmas morning.

But while the novel provides a luxurious glimpse into the glamour, glitz, and gossip of the publishing industry, it also takes a hard look at the tussle between commercial and literary publishing and the chipping away of integrity in a world driven by the bottom line.

Book-loving friends who are curious about the publishing industry, indeed, bookish types from all walks of life, will lap up The Girl on the Page and the hidden truths of the industry it unveils. Publishing types will recognise many of their own personal experiences. But that should be in the past tense, for they will already have devoured it well before Christmas. You can bet your life on it.

 About The Author:

While still in his twenties, John Purcell opened a second-hand bookshop in Mosman, Sydney, in which he sat for ten years reading, ranting and writing. Since then he has written, under a pseudonym, a series of very successful novels, interviewed hundreds of writers about their work, appeared at writers’ festivals, on TV (most bizarrely in comedian Luke McGregor’s documentary Luke Warm Sex) and has been featured in prominent newspapers and magazines. ​Now, as the Director of Books at, Australia’s largest online bookseller, he supports Australian writing in all its forms. He lives in Sydney with his wife, two children, three dogs, five cats, unnumbered gold fish and his overlarge book collection.

Read our review of The Girl on the Page here, or purchase a copy here.


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