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Free Recipe: Chia Bircher from Fast Food for Busy Families by Pete Evans

December 14, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.33.19 pmChia Bircher from Fast Food for Busy Families by Pete Evans

Paleo is all about abundance and enjoyment and using foods that don’t cause inflammation in our bodies (and minds). I find a lot of people who start on the paleo journey have the best results when their favourite foods are reinterpreted or adapted. Many people start their day with a traditional bircher muesli based on oats. In this bircher recipe, a sure- fire winner, I swap the oats for nutritionally dense chia seeds. I hope you and the whole family like it.

80 g (1⁄2 cup) chia seeds
3 tablespoons flaxseeds
3 tablespoons shredded coconut 250 g (1 cup) coconut yoghurt 400 ml almond milk (plus extra if needed)

1 green apple, grated

To serve

goji berries, soaked in water for 10 minutes to soften

chopped activated almonds coconut yoghurt

fresh fruit (such as sliced pear and figs or berries) hemp seeds (optional) honey (optional)


Place the chia seeds, flaxseeds, shredded coconut, coconut yoghurt, almond milk and apple in a bowl and mix to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight. If the chia bircher is a little dry after soaking, stir through some more almond milk.

Spoon the bircher into serving bowls and top with the goji berries, almonds, yoghurt and fruit. Add a sprinkle of hemp seeds and a drizzle of honey, if desired.

Serves 3–4


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