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High-Stakes Thrill Ride: Start reading John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar

October 26, 2017

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John Grisham is an author who has carved out his own niche, writing a series of gripping legal thrillers. Imminent novelist Ken Follett, calls Grisham ‘the best thriller writer alive,’ and since the publication of his The Rooster Bar 2first book A Time To Kill in 1989, he has become one of the most acclaimed and widely published authors of all time.

The Rooster Bar with its nail-biting pace and brilliant twists is a homecoming for Grisham fans always hungry for more. Few writers like Grisham manage to reinvent their storytelling the way he does, combining all the spellbinding suspense of his previous books with originality and flair. Readers know that when they open a new Grisham, a breakneck journey of non-stop excitement and some wonderful writing awaits them.

The Rooster Bar tells the tale of  three friends, Mark, Todd, and Zola. Each has paid a high price (financially and personally), to attend law school, only to come out with few prospects and a hefty debt. They grow suspicious when they notice that so many other fellow students also appear to be drowning in debt and have no work in sight. Are they all being exploited? Or is it just that the law is such a blisteringly competitive industry?

Then Gordy, a bipolar and athletic law graduate, vanishes from their lives, only to be discovered spending days locked in the solitude of his apartment. Confronted, Gordy seems to be in the clutch of a kind of paranoid lunacy. He claims that the infamous Hinds Rackley, Wall Street lawyer turned investment crook worth four billion dollars, is up to something. As Gordy tells them all about his diabolical conspiracy theory, he begins to sound less and less a madman and more like someone who has uncovered a huge crime.

When the students realise that their law school is tied up with *Hinds Rackley and The Great Law School Scam, this motley crew of law students are already in too deep. All they want is to shed their crippling debts, expose the sham, and maybe make some cash along the way, but when the FBI gets involved, things get complicated.

John Grisham-min (1)Making matters worse, Gordy’s bipolar remains unchecked and he becomes prone to sudden disappearances, often found days later in the depths of a drinking binge, or under arrest. With a DUI to his name and a group of friends who need him to help crack The Great Law School Scam, things start escalating out of control – especially after what happens during his worst manic episode yet . . .

This is Grisham at his best. A brilliant writer at the height of his powers who has delivered another sensational story – the perfect great weekend escape.

*Any similarities to a certain super powerful US billionaire who was accused of running a racket with his expensive university is purely coincidental.  

About the author

John Grisham is the author of thirty-one novels, one work of non-fiction, a collection of stories, and six novels for young readers. His works are translated into forty-two languages. He lives in Virginia.

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  1. Jill Drowley

    I love John Grisham stories. Leave you guessing to the end. Must buy his new book.

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