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Love A Good Thriller? Enter to win three killer 2018 titles

September 25, 2018

Better Reading Thriller Giveaway

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  1. Marianne Vincent

    50 characters, not 50 words allowed???

    1. Kristy

      I was confused by that as well.

  2. David Grigg

    Same here. This is what I tried to write:

    I love the uncertainty, the tension, as the plot develops and we begin to worry about the characters we have grown to know.

  3. Nicole Hunt

    Only 50 characters allowed – not words 🙁

  4. Terese

    ditto – only 50 characters ??

  5. Di

    50 Characters only left… but the anticipation of thrillers is an amazing feeling and then if there is a twist I didn’t see coming, that just blows my mind and keeps me wanting more.


    Thanks look forward to submitting again.

  7. Jessica Pasfield

    Same as others didn’t get to write my whole response as restricted to 50 characters. – I love the suspense and ride it takes you on, constantly questioning and thinking. Also wanting more and the unexpected twists that come with the plot.

  8. Jane Verco

    same as other who have responded – only allowed 50 Characters
    I wanted to say: “Nothing better than a good plot to keep those pages turning and the light on way into the night … “

  9. Katrina Freckleton

    Me too! I wanted to write..
    I wasn’t into thriller novels until I read The fifth to die by JD Barker in my book club/reviews. The three here were on the list but I didn’t get them, now I wish I had!

  10. Lara Ishak

    50 characters…

    well mine was left at…Thrillers send chills up your spine, a good novel will keep you gripping onto the pages and looking over your shoulder…

  11. Cinzia

    I love thrillers because of the red herrings in the story. I love that the characters always seem more complex. It would be extremely hard to know the ending as you write but not be able to give too much away. Some books seem deliberately elusive to the point where you know exactly what the author is trying to do. A good thriller on the other hand, hides those tell tale signs of aloofness.

  12. Gabriella

    Ah, it’s not just me, I was wondering what was happening. I just had to write a few descriptive words to try to convey what 50 words would have. 🙂

  13. Kate Abernethy

    My up to fifty word answer would be:

    Life is about asking questions and finding answers. Good thrillers entice the reader to seek out connections, to find patterns and to delight in denouement. Great thrillers chill, thrill and fill readers’ imaginations.

  14. Rebecca H

    Here’s my answer, cause 50 characters, not 50 words…

    “You know that feeling when you are alone in the house and you are so immersed in a story that every sound and shadow makes you so uneasy that you literally have to read in a corner where you can see all possible exits? A good thriller does that.”

  15. julie

    50 characters is hard. I resorted to emoticons and random words.

    1. Julie

      Rachael has advised this is now fixed. 50 words. Have at it 🙂

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