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Love, Joy and Cheating Hearts: a review of You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac

May 22, 2018

You, Me, Everything is a powerful and emotional novel about how love ultimately triumphs in even the most harrowing circumstances.

Jess has a beautiful child she loves, but she broke up with his dad just after William was born. Gorgeous but unreliable Adam had gone a step too far when he didn’t make it in time for her labour with William – turning up unkempt and covered in his ex’s lipstick.

A decade later, as William turns ten, Jess’s terminally ill mother persuades her that William should spend time getting to know his father, who now lives in a beautiful French chateau he’s converted into a holiday resort.

Over the long summer holiday in the idyllic setting of the Dordogne, Jess attempts to orchestrate some father-son bonding between Adam and William. It’s not always easy – Adam is distracted by the demands of the business in peak holiday season, as well as a young and beautiful girlfriend – but they soon find common ground and Jess is thrilled when father and son finally connect.

When Jess’s glamorous friend Natasha arrives from England and old friends, Becky and Sebastian, turn up with their three young and demanding children, it turns into a lively and pleasant holiday. Jess even dates an eligible divorcee, staying at the chateau with his teenage daughter.

But, as the holiday comes to an end and Jess speaks with her parents in England, she is forced to make some heartrending decisions about her future and William’s. She must decide whether to reveal the painful truth that she has been hiding from both William and Adam.

With this beautiful novel, Isaac is by turns witty, entertaining, and shockingly moving as Jess navigates the complexities of her life as a single mother, with an ex she has never gotten over and a secret that’s eating her alive.

The movie rights have already been sold to You, Me, Everything and it’s been receiving rapturous praise even before its publication, including this from fellow bestselling novelist Clare Mackintosh:

‘Wow. Just wow. If you liked Me Before You, you’ll love You, Me, Everything.

While this is Catherine’s first novel written under the name Catherine Isaac, she previously wrote nine bestselling novels with the name Jane Costello. See more on Catherine’s name change here.

About the author

Catherine Isaac was born in 1974 in Liverpool, England. She studied History at the University of Liverpool, before completing a postgraduate diploma in Journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University. She began her career as graduate trainee at the Liverpool Echo. At 27, she was appointed Editor of the Liverpool Daily Post and held the position for five years. She wrote her first book, Bridesmaids, while on maternity leave and under the pseudonym Jane Costello. She has since written nine books, all Sunday Times bestsellers in the UK. You, Me, Everything is her first novel writing as Catherine Isaac.

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