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Loved Australian Novel Bound For TV

October 12, 2018

Holly Ringland’s stunning debut The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart will soon be adapted for television.

The novel follows the life of nine-year-old Alice, who, after suffering a family tragedy, is forced to leave her idyllic seaside home. She is raised by her grandmother June, a flower farmer who instils in Alice an appreciation for and understanding of Australian native flowers.

Under June’s watchful eye Alice grows into a young woman, and inevitably becomes increasingly frustrated by how little she knows of her family history. In her early twenties, her life is once again uprooted when she suffers devastating betrayal and loss. Desperate to outrun grief, Alice flees to the central Australian desert, where, instead of solace, she finds a charismatic (and dangerous) man.

The books spans two decades, with setting shifting between sugar cane fields by the sea, to a native Australian flower farm, and finally to a dusty desert landscape. It is an enchanting and captivating novel about the ways in which our untold stories haunt us, and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.

A story of compelling female resilience that features Ringland’s stunning depictions of the Australian landscape and its native flora, there’s no doubt that The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart will make for a remarkable film adaptation.

The screen rights were acquired by Australian producer Bruna Papandrea’s company Made Up Stories. Papandrea is best known for co-producing the TV adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies with Nicole Kidman’s company Blossom Films.


  1. Christine FAIRBAIRN

    A wonderful book which should make a fantastic transposition to the screen, small or otherwise. I can’t wait to see it; I’ve been hoping to hear this ever since I read it!

  2. Kathy Tidmarsh

    Loved the book and look forward to seeing the movie. It would be great fir n Aussie actor to play the lead although I do like Molly Ringwald.

  3. Louise Puddicombe

    This book was fantastic
    Could not put down. Hope a new book sometime. Will look forward to watching

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