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Nightmarish and Mind-Bending: J. P. Pomare, author of Call Me Evie, on his top five thrillers

January 21, 2019

About the author:

J.P. Pomare is an award-winning writer who has had work published in journals
including Meanjin, Kill Your DarlingsTakahe and Mascara Literary Review. He has hosted the On Writing podcast since 2015 featuring bestselling authors from around the globe. He was born in New Zealand and resides in Melbourne with his wife. Call Me Evie is his first novel.

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

There’s a good reason so many new books are compared to Gone Girl, in fact I doubt a more influential book in this genre exists. The first half of the book is pure suspense, a vivisection of a marriage that from the outside appeared idyllic. The twist comes, the rules change and the second half is a masterclass in thriller writing. I’m yet to have a reading experience like it.

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

This book is so hard to define. It’s noir, gothic, mind bending goodness. At times it stretches plausibility to breaking point but I loved it.

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

A gripping read about inherited violence and fitting in, featuring a much more realistic psychopath than you tend to find in this genre. This debut is captivating and surprising in the best way.

The Other Wife by Michael Robotham

Robo keeps getting better. I guessed the twist reasonably early on in this but that still didn’t diminish the reading experience, which for me is the sign of a fantastic thriller – a book that doesn’t rely on twists and gimmicks to keep the reader interested. I’m in awe of Robotham’s longevity and consistency. The Other Wife is one of his best.

I see You by Clare McIntosh

This book is so clever and has one of the most exciting set ups I have encountered. McIntosh, once a police officer, taps into the sense of claustrophobia we can experience on public transport and ratchets the paranoia right up by keeping her nightmarish premise entirely plausible.


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