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Podcast: Death by Firing Squad with Cindy Wockner

April 30, 2018

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Cindy Wockner joins Cheryl on the podcast to talk about her deeply humbling experience interviewing Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, then prisoners on Death Row in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison. Her book sheds light on the men’s redemptive journey from surly Aussie schoolboys turned Bali Nine drug traffickers to Kerobokan’s redeemed men.

At 12.35 a.m. on 29 April 2015, Chan, then 31, and Sukumaran, 34, were led out in front of a firing squad on Indonesia’s prison island of Nusakambangan. They had been convicted and sentenced to death 10 years before for attempting to smuggle $8.3kg of heroin (with a street value of $4 million) out of the country. Despite last-ditch pleas for mercy from their families and the Australian Government, the men were strapped to wooden crosses and shot dead. On that day, the Indonesian government did not execute two drug smugglers, it executed a pastor and a painter.

Podcast guest: Cindy Wockner

Cindy Wockner is National Investigations Editor at News Corporation Newspapers, Australia. Her articles appear in News Corp papers across Australia, including the Courier-Mail, the Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, Adelaide Advertiser and NT News. Cindy has co-authored two books, Bali 9: The Untold Story and Evil in the Suburbs.

Duration: 38 mins

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