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Podcast: Defying the Enemy Within – practical strategies to keep your mental health in check from Joe Williams

February 19, 2018

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Joe Williams, Known best as an Indigenous rugby player and professional boxer, spent many years tortured by a spitfire of negative thoughts in his head before trying to take his own life in 2012. In this candid and timely podcast, Joe spoke with Cheryl Akle about his history of drug abuse, how he was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and the powerful determination that allodefying-the-enemy-withinwed him to recover from a suicide attempt.

His new book Defying the Enemy Within is a memoir of survival, providing real-life guidance on how to improve your mental wellbeing. It is both Joe’s story and the steps he took to get well. In addition to sharing his experiences, Joe shares his wellness plan – the ordinary steps that helped him achieve the extraordinary.

Duration: 39 mins.

Podcast Guest: Joe Williams
Joe Williams is a proud Wiradjuri First Nations Aboriginal man born in Cowra and raised in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Joe played in the National Rugby League (NRL) for many years before switching to professional boxing in 2009 and winning two welterweight championships despite suffering severe mental illness. Joe currently spends his time between Australia and the United States, travelling across both continents delivering workshops and talks to inspire people to think differently about their mental health.

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