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Podcast: Mike Lewis explains the four steps you need to follow to pursue the career of your dreams

February 26, 2018

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In this podcast, Mike Lewis explains the four steps anyone can follow to pursue their dream career, which are outlined in his latest business motivation book When To Jump. His insights are an amalgamation of his personal journey of leaving a comfortable job in finance to become a professional squash player, and the advice of others who made the big leap themselves.

It’s received enormous praise from Arianna Huffington, who said the book is ‘a must read for anyone seeking to not only succeed, but thrive.’

Duration: 27mins

1167c07e6506e65da66d2c13598a64d0Podcast Guest: Mike Lewis:

Mike Lewis worked in finance before chasing his dream of playing professional squash. He is the founder and CEO of When To Jump, a global community of people who have left one path to pursue a very different one. When To Jump, a collection of case studies with clear guidance on how and when to jump, is Mike’s first book. He lives in San Francisco.

Grab a copy of When To Jump here || Listen to Stories Behind the Story on iTunes or Stitcher for Android


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