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The Book That Was Born On Public Transport: Sophie Green

January 16, 2018

Sophie GreenBorn: Sydney, Australia.

Childhood: ‘I grew up close to the water in Sydney, with all the beauty that brings.’

Best known for: The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club 

How many books published: 4

Most recent book: The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club, a tale of friendship, tears, laughter, books and love. Grief is a central theme in Fairvale and Green says that at times she cried while writing it. In its very early stages the book was written in ‘bursts’ on public transport while going to and from work.

Inspiration for Fairvale: Green fell in love with the Northern Territory the first time she visited and subsequent visits inspired the story and its setting. Her mother and her friends also helped inspire the plot. 

Quotable quotes: ‘Fairvale is really a story about friendship between five women living in the Northern Territory and is my way of paying tribute to the Australian landscape, to the role that stories play in all our lives and, most centrally, to the friendships than traverse time and distance.’

Interests: Country music. The Sydney publisher and author has worked as a bookseller, editor, website producer, content writer, yoga teacher and a literary agent.

Did you know? Sophie Green has written some fiction and non-fictions books under other names. In her spare time, she writes about country music in her blog, Joelene. Green has also written several ‘tie-in’ novels about the TV series, Home & Away. 

Books That Changed Her: As a child, The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough was the first grown-up book she read. ‘There was a grand Australian story. There was landscape, there was drama, there was a heroine…and it gave me the sense that there were books written for us.’ Other Australian books that left a great impression were The Nargun and the Stars by Patricia Wrightson and Ruth Park’s Beatie Row.


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