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The Book Thief author Markus Zusak announces new book

March 14, 2018

After almost a decade of waiting, it’s finally here.MZ

Markus Zusak, author of bestselling novel and film adaptation The Book Thief, has just announced that he is publishing his new book Bridge of Clay.

According to the author, Bridge of Clay has been a work-in-progress for over 10 years, but the idea for the story originally came to him when he was nineteen. Zusak told the New York Times that he struggled to find the right energy to carry the book over the years. ‘I could write this book until I die and it still won’t be the way I want it. But I think now it’s got the right heart and I think once you’ve got that then you’ve got an obligation to yourself to see it through and you hope people will find that in it.”

Bridge of Clay is due for publication in October this year.


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