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The Votes Are In and Bookmarks Win!

April 11, 2019

We asked and you responded – the vast majority of our readers use bookmarks. (Those who dog ear however, seem to do so with great reverence.) We loved reading the comments about the different bookmarks used. One librarian mentioned that they found a French fry between the pages of a returned paperback!

What is clear is that a reader needs something to mark where they are up to in a book. American used bookseller Michael Popek was so used to finding weird things between the pages of the books he bought for his bookstore, that he began to keep a record of them on a blog called Forgotten Bookmarks. From love letters to forgotten family photos, to four leaf clovers, Popek has dedicated his life to collecting the things we leave inside our old books.

Many interesting things are used to mark the page of a book when the reader is done. One legend has it that in the early Middle Ages, an Irish monk named Coloman of Elo decided to put an annoying fly to good use. He ordered the fly to sit down on the last line he’d read, until he returned to his book. According to legend, the fly obeyed!

Obviously Aussie blowflies would be more difficult to train, but all across the country readers mark their place in their book with an array of things from ticket stubs to tissues.

Possible bookmarks include:

  • Old tickets
  • A playing card
  • A tissue (unused)
  • A hair band
  • A photo
  • A Post-it Note
  • Dirt free plant tags
  • String or ribbon
  • A scrap of paper

Or, you could simply use a bookmark. What do you use as a bookmark? Share a photo with us.


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