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Two New Romances to Light Up Your Life

June 18, 2015

Lovers of romance will be delighted to hear about two beautiful new books out this month by two very different romance authors.

The Governor’s House, by the much-loved author J.H. Fletcher, is the story of two women from two ages. Cat was born in poverty and transported to Tasmania. She is in love with a charismatic but dangerous man and possibly involved in the disappearance of priceless treasure. In modern times, Cat’s descendant, Joanne, Dean of History at the University, may have found the key to her ancestor’s missing artefact. Will Joanne solve the age-old mystery and join her true love at the Governor’s house?

Set in Stone is a delightful romance that straddles the country and the city, by relatively new writer Ros Baxter. It tells the tale of Lou Samuels, who works at a big Sydney law firm and is returning to her drought-stricken home town for the first time in twenty years, for a school reunion. When she discovers that her mother is dying and something sparks up with a boy from her past, she starts to wonder if it’s time to face her ghosts  and make peace with her home.



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