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What is a Podcast?

April 24, 2018

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What’s a podcast anyway?

Podcasts are free audio interviews and talk shows available to stream via the internet, so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Just like the radio, they cover a range of topics but generally focus on the arts, culture, news, and current affairs. The easiest way to tune in is by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

But the best thing is that you can play a podcast using any portable digital media player. So, while exercising, travelling to work, on a flight or simply relaxing at home, you can indulge your passion for books and reading and learn more about The Stories Behind The Stories by tuning into the Better Reading Podcast.

Here is the biggest advantage for you, the listener. Since traditional radio broadcasting did exactly that – appeal to a broad audience – podcasts have revolutionised the ways we engage with media because it is far more specific and tailored to different interests and niches.

Our podcast, for example, is almost exclusively interviews with authors and other bookish professionals, including publishers, journalists and politicians from both Australia and across the globe. In other words, if you search hard enough you are bound to find a podcast on pretty much any subject that interests you.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s discuss some of the easiest ways you can listen to podcasts.

Accessing the podcast

via iTunes

Click here for the direct link to our iTunes podcast page, Stories Behind the Story.

iTunes is a big supporter of podcasts. You need to download iTunes if you don’t use an Apple product; if you already have an Apple computer, smartphone or tablet device, then iTunes should be installed already. Once in iTunes, click the ‘Store’ button, which will take you to the iStore homepage. Once there, click the dropdown menu on the left and select ‘podcasts,’ taking you to the collection of podcasts, including ours – Stories Behind the Story – which are all available for free.

Stitcher for Android

If you use an Android smartphone then you also have the option of accessing podcasts through Stitcher, which is more compatible and easy-to-use.


There are plenty of website hosting podcasts free for online. We use a site called Omny FM.

Omny FM is a simple web browser hosting service that you can access simply by typing into a Google search. You can play podcasts directly from the site, 


From the big international names to some of Australia’s finest writers, you can hear them all on the Better Reading podcast.

Happy reading – and listening!

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  1. Virginia Rinkel

    How much data does listening to a podcast use? We have very limited data here in the country.

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