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Getting Into Dangerous Territory: Michael Leunig on the Better Reading Podcast

November 21, 2017

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Cheryl Akle talks with Michael Leunig about Michael’s new book, ‘Ducks for Dark Times’. No topic is off limits as they delve into conversations of youth, politics, war and the social climate in which we live.

Podcast Guest: Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig, typically referred to as Leunig, was born in East Melbourne in June 1945. He is an Australian cartoonist, poet and cultural commentator, best known works include The Adventures of Vasco Pyjama and the Curly Flats series. In 1999 he was declared a national living treasure by the National Trust and awarded honorary degrees from La Trobe and Griffith universities and the Australian Catholic University for his unique contribution to Australian culture.

Duration: 31 mins.


  1. Pris Gormley

    Could I download to my computer? I don’t use a smart phone and although I started to download iTunes I gave up. I actually don’t want it, as I have always been able to download to Windows Media Player. Is this possible for Michael Leunig’s chat, please? I’ve been inspired and delighted by him for a great many years.

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