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How to Dress a Dummy: Cassie Lane and life as an international model

October 9, 2017

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‘I was indoctrinated by the idea that if a woman is beautiful she is all-powerful . . .’ – Cassie Lane, Better Reading Podcast

In this podcast, Cassie Lane reveals her turbulent experience of living the high life as an international model. With candour, she confesses many of the darker aspects of the job: objectification, body-shaming, and the ease of being swept up in LA’s recreational party drug life.

Her memoir is called How to Dress a Dummy and it documents the many versions of herself that Cassie sped through before finally becoming disenchanted with the pressures of her industry. The result? An entertaining, incisive, and funny book that is completed by bold feminist ideals.

‘Hilarious and revealing, this darkly comic take on life in the fashion industry will leave you howling with both laughter and tears. A book about artifice that deftly manages to be so much more. Cassie Lane is a bold new voice.‘ – Clementine Ford.

Podcast guest: Cassie Lane 

Cassie Lane is a writer and former model who has worked extensively around the world since being scouted in Italy at the age of sixteen. Returning to Melbourne after living in LA for nearly three years, she quit modelling and began studying psychology and communications. She has since gone on to complete a Master of Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. Cassie now works as a content writer. How to Dress a Dummy is her first book.

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  1. Miriam Kelsey

    Wow, I am half way through this amazing book. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while. I laughed so histerically, I scared my poor cat!!!

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