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How To Heal Yourself: the inspirational true story of how Petrea King defied her dire prognosis

October 30, 2017

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Image-1-2In this podcast Petrea King, CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation, reveals the fascinating true story of how she overcame a potentially terminal illness by coming to terms with past traumas in her life, including her brother’s suicide.

Her book Up Until Now is a candid account of how Petrea’s transformative and unlikely recovery compelled her to devote her life to helping people experiencing life-threatening illnesses and devastating mental diseases.

Podcast Guest: Petrea King

Petrea King is the CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation, and a well-known author, inspirational speaker, teacher and facilitator.

Petrea came to the forefront of wellness education after overcoming acute myeloid leukaemia in her early thirties. She sees crisis as a catalyst for personal growth, understanding, healing and peace. Both individually and through residential programs, Petrea has counselled tens of thousands of people living with cancer and other life-challenging illnesses, as well as grief, loss, trauma and tragedy. She has also given lectures and conducted workshops around Australia and internationally.

Petrea is the author of the best-selling book, Your Life Matters: The Power of Living Now and is a regular guest on ABC radio. She has been featured on Australian Story, Compass, This is Your Life and the acclaimed documentary Quest for Life: A Year in the Life of Petrea King. Petrea was awarded the Advance Australia Award, Citizen of the Year and the Centenary Medal for her contribution to the community. She has two adult children and lives with her partner, Wendie Batho, in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales.




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