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New 6-Part Podcast Series: Better Reading On Writing (You Asked For It!)

July 25, 2019

The Better Reading podcast, Stories Behind the Story has given readers ‘behind the scenes’ access to many of their favourite authors. From national treasures such as Tom Keneally, to debut authors like Holly Ringland, there is a strong desire to know where their story came from and ultimately about their lives. Something that has also intrigued many podcast listeners is not so much the step-by-step process of writing but how an author writes and thinks and creates.

In response to this, Better Reading has created a six-part series Better Reading On Writing. The series is not a ‘how to’, rather an inspirational and highly entertaining listen for those who are intrigued about the minds of authors, their processes and their worlds.

This companion podcast is for everyone: writers, teachers and students, would-be authors, and readers who love hearing how their favourite authors work. We are so happy to share it with you.

Click here for the podcast notes

For episode transcriptions, click the guest: Trent Dalton // Dervla McTiernan // Belinda Alexandra // Candice Fox // Melina Marchetta // Nikki Christer

Episode 1: The writer with Trent Dalton – Listen here now

Trent Dalton, the author of the phenomenally successful novel Boy Swallows Universe discusses the heart and soul of the writer and what being a writer means to him. He talks through the process of writing Boy Swallows Universe, as well as his work as a Walkley Award winning journalist.

Episode 2: Story and plot development with Dervla McTiernan – Listen here now

Dervla McTiernan discusses plot, how important structure is in your novel, and how she approaches writing a novel. And she shares what the sign on her wall says, that reminds her what is important, every time she writes.

Episode 3: Character building with Belinda Alexandra – Listen here now

Belinda Alexandra talks about how she immerses herself in the world she’s writing about so her characters come to life. She talks about how some characters have a mind of their own… and how she even develops a full-blown crush on the occasional hero.

Episode 4: Research and setting with Candice Fox – Listen here now

Candice Fox has immersed herself in both setting and research. She’s lived in LA, she’s visited a serial killer on death row, and even had dinner with an American President, all in the name of research. Hear all this and much more in this highly entertaining episode.

Episode 5: Dialogue with Melina Marchetta – Listen here now

Dialogue expert extraordinaire, Melina Marchetta discusses the importance of dialogue, and how that voice defines her characters, the setting and the story she tells.

Episode 6: The road to publication with Nikki Christer – Listen here now

Nikki Christer, the Group Publishing Director at Penguin Random House Australia talks about the publishing process, the difference between agents and publishers, why editing is so important… and what she needs in a story to encourage her to offer an author a publishing deal.

Download the podcast notes here.

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  2. Barb McGuire

    Loved listening to Trent Dalton, I took many notes and what amazes me is the little things that Trent referred to that really inspired me. I am partway through my book and am stuck, not with writer’s block, but with confidence to move on.
    He said, Get the words down, get it out of you onto the page and have something to work with, let the head edit your writing later, let the blooming flowering thing called your heart let that take over as that’s the fun bit.”

    He added, “Your little blip on the radar of life, speak your truth even if it is in literary fiction, it’s your truth.”
    Thank you, Trent.

  3. steve

    Can’t find a way to download these episodes, the subscribe link only points to past programs

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