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Peter Carey’s New Novel ‘A Long Way From Home’ Tackles What It Means to be Australian

December 5, 2017

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Peter Carey’s latest book A Long Way From Home is set in the 1950s and explores the racial relations between European settlers and the Indigenous people of the land. It’s a subject Carey has long avoided in his writing, because although he feels it’s the most important aspect of Australia – ‘we all know it’s their land, we all know hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people were murdered’ – it’s an uncomfortable position to wake up one morning and realise you’re a beneficiary of a genocide.

Podcast Guest: Peter Carey

Peter Carey is an Australian novelist known best for his novels Oscar and Lucinda, The True History of the Kelly Gang, and his collection of short stories The Fat Man in History. He has won the Miles Franklin award three times and is one of four writers to win the Booker prize twice. Presently he lives in New York.

Duration: 33 mins.

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