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Podcast: Alli Sinclair Talks About her Adventurous Life and her New Novel, The Cinema at Starlight Creek

June 19, 2019

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Alli Sinclair talks to Cheryl Akle about her world adventures, climbing mountains and her new novel, The Cinema at Starlight Creek.

About the author:

Alli Sinclair, an adventurer at heart, has won multiple awards for her writing. She is Australian and has lived in Argentina, Peru and Canada, and has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, worked as a tour guide in South and Central America and has travelled the globe. She enjoys immersing herself in exotic destinations, cultures and languages but Australia has always been close to Alli’s heart. Alli hosts retreats for writers and presents writing workshops around Australia, as well as working in film on international projects. She’s a volunteer role model with Books in Homes and is an ambassador for the Fiji Book Drive. Alli’s books explore history, culture, love and grief, and relationships between family, friends and lovers. She captures the romance and thrill of discovering old and new worlds, and loves taking readers on a journey of discovery.

Buy a copy of The Cinema At Starlight Creek here.

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