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Podcast: Becoming an Author with Fiona McCallum

April 23, 2018

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Cheryl Akle talks with Fiona McCallum about becoming a published author, obsessive tendencies, and Fiona’s book, ‘Finding Hannah’.

Podcast guest: Fiona McCallum

Fiona McCallum was raised on a farm in South Australia. She now lives in suburban Adelaide, but remains a country girl at heart. Fiona writes ‘heart-warming journey of self-discovery stories’ that draw on her life experiences, love of animals and fascination with the human condition. She is the author of nine Australian bestsellers. Making Peace is her tenth novel.

Duration: 30 mins

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  1. Janette Daniel

    Hi Fiona, love your writing, started with Pay Cheque and was delighted to find out it was horse! Then came Saving Grace and on and on………My partner (male) loves yours books too – a great indicator that the story is hitting all the right spots.

    Just hearing your comments of romance novels – so agree. I am over the mushy/raunchy lines, a true love story is so much more. Also the family/friends relationships are great.
    I haven’t read Hannah yet, so must get that before I read the new one. Also, the comments on grief resonated.

    Keep up the great work Fiona! cheers Jan

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