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Podcast: Dramas, Delights, Delirium with Jessica Dettmann

January 21, 2019

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This week Cheryl Akle is joined by Jessica Dettmann to discuss her debut novel How To Be Second Best – a hilarious and heartwarming novel that captures the dramas, delights and delirium of modern parenting. Together they discuss Jessica’s journey as both a writer and mother, and how these experiences informed her novel.

Podcast Guest: Jessica Dettmann

Jessica Dettmann is a Sydney-based writer and performer. Her blog, Life With Gusto, turns a sharp but affectionate eye on modern parenthood. She has performed her work several times at Giant Dwarf’s Story Club, and has appeared on their podcast.

After a decade working as an editor for Random House Australia and HarperCollins publishers she made the transition to writing after two small children rendered her housebound.She once appeared as the City of Sydney Christmas Angel and sat on top of the Town Hall in a frock that reached the street.

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