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Podcast: Fashion Memoir with Alannah Hill

August 21, 2018

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This week Cheryl is joined by Alannah Hill to discuss her memoir Butterfly On a Pin, a fierce and intelligent account of how a freckle-faced teenage runaway metamorphosed into a trailblazer and true original. Together they discuss Alannah’s success in the fashion industry, and how her brand was born.

Podcast guest: Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill is a designer, author and stylist. For seventeen years she was the founder and creative director of the brand Alannah Hill, one of Australia’s most trailblazing and iconic fashion houses. In 2013 Alannah left her eponymous brand and in 2015 launched her new fashion brand LOUISE LOVE. Alannah lives in Melbourne with her sixteen-year-old son and beagle dog, Jack.

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