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Podcast: Portrait of an Artist with Ben Quilty

October 2, 2018

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This week Cheryl Akle is joined by award-winning artist Ben Quilty to discuss his heartbreaking and awe-inspiring collection of drawings by Syrian children – Home. The collection stands as a testament to the resilience of a generation of survivors whose childhood has been shaped by the worst war of our century. Together they discuss the power of art to enact change and help others.

Podcast guest: Ben Quilty

Ben Quilty is an Australian artist and corporate trustee, who has won a series of painting prizes: the 2014 Prudential Eye Award, 2011 Archibald Prize and 2009 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

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  1. Robyn

    I enjoyed very much this interview with Ben Quilty. My husband and I really enjoyed seeing two wonderful paintings. The first painting was in a competition, thought it was the Archibald at Art Gallery of NSW and it was filled with so much detail, humour of a man on a bike carry so many bits and pieces like binocular’s and maps etc etc. Loved this painting. We also saw Ben’s painting which won the Archibald prize with portrait of Margaret Olly. We had seen her portrait twice painted by William Dobell. Ben’s painting capture this wonderful eccentric lady in so many colours and light shining through revealing her personality which was delightful, funny, honest, vibrant and passion in art. I enjoyed hearing Ben’s story of his life growing up and how he wanted to study art and how he progressed with this career.
    I feel I know him a little better as he was so down to earth and had humility and compassion especially with his time in Afghanistan and how stories need to be told of the tragedy of war and the men and woman fighting at the coal face. I do think he was blessed with his family as my husband and I both were and grew up with so much love, support, nurturing and fun. Thank you for sharing this interview as next time when looking one of Ben’s painting I will know so much more about the man, the artist. Keep painting Ben. Robyn

  2. Robyn

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