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Podcast: Teacher and Writer Gabbi Stroud on Why the Education System is Broken

August 7, 2019

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Former teacher, Gabbi Stroud talks to Cheryl Akle about her groundbreaking essay Teaching Australia, and her book Teacher that sprang from that. She discusses what kids need from their teachers, and why she believes the education system in Australia is broken.

About Gabbi Stroud:

In 2014, Gabrielle Stroud was a very dedicated teacher with over a decade of experience. Months later, she resigned in frustration and despair when she realised that the Naplan-test education model was stopping her from doing the very thing she was best at: teaching individual children according to their needs and talents. Her ground-breaking essay ‘Teaching Australia’ in the Feb 2016 Griffith Review outlined her experiences and provoked a huge response from former and current teachers around the world. That essay lifted the lid on a scandal that is yet to properly break – that our education system is unfair to our children and destroying their teachers.

Teacher is her powerful memoir inspired by her original essay, Gabrielle tells the full story: how she came to teaching, what makes a great teacher, what our kids need from their teachers, and what it was that finally broke her.

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