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Podcast: The Matriarchal Zone with S.A. Jones

April 30, 2018

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S.A. Jones joins Cheryl on the podcast to talk about her stunning new book, The Fortress, an insight into what is being described as a “parallel universe” – a city/state wherein women reign supreme and men are forbidden to ask questions, raise their hand in anger or refuse sex. One woman insists her husband be sent there to uncover the truths about the concept of patriarchy and his own experiences with it.

Podcast guest: S.A Jones

S.A. Jones is a Melbourne-based novelist, essayist and reviewer with a PhD in History. Jones’ previous novels are Red Dress Walking and Isabelle of the Moon and Stars. She has written dozens of opinion pieces and essays on politics, history, sexuality, public policy and theology for Kill Your Darlings, The Age, The Guardian, Overland, The Toast, Regime, The Drum and Page Seventeen.

Duration: 34 mins

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