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Today is Tomorrow’s History: Judy Nunn on the Better Reading Podcast

October 17, 2017

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“I was asked by some people, ‘how come you’re writing a contemporary novel?’ which is a bit weird, because my previous novel The Spirit of the Ghan was set in 2003, which I don’t see as Neanderthal times. I see that as vaguely contemporary. The presumption was that I write historically based Australian novels from a long time ago. Well this still is a historical novel, in my point of view, because we’re living in history. Today is tomorrow’s history.” – Judy Nunn

In this podcast, we speak with writer and actor Judy Nunn about her latest novel. Sanctuary is a brave dip into contemporary Australian policies. Known best for her acting career and a number of bestselling historically-based novels set in Australia, Judy tackles the controversial subject of refugees.

You can read our full review of Judy Nunn’s Santuary here.

Podcast Guest : Judy Nunn

Judy is an Australian author, screenwriter, as well as a former actor. As an actor she is known best for her role as Ailsa Stewart in Home and Away, and she has written scripts for Neighbours and Possession.

She started writing fiction in the 1980s and since then has written almost twenty books.

She is most famous for her historically-based novels set in Australia. Her latest book Sanctuary continues that tradition. It is a portrait of love, hope, and survival on an isolated island off Western Australia.

Duration: 33 mins.

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