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Better Reading Preview: The Strangers We Know by Pip Drysdale

October 9, 2019

Our next Preview title is  The Strangers We Know by Pip Drysdale! To register your interest in being a Preview reviewer for this title, just fill out the form below. Please only enter once, and please note we have 50 copies of this book to give away:

Sorry, the number of entries for this title has been reached. Please look out for our next Preview title, coming soon!

Better Reading Preview: An exclusive chance to read and review free books before anyone else

We invite our trusted community to engage directly with the nation-wide conversation about books by registering for Preview, our new crowd-sourced book review platform. Due to the insight and perceptiveness of our readers, we are launching a platform that allows your voice to be heard.

How do I express interest in reviewing a book?

Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t already!) to hear about the next Preview campaign.

When a campaign is launched, the first people to successfully express interest in becoming a Preview reviewer, by filling in the registration form above, will be selected to receive and review a free advance copy of the specified book. Usually these advance copies are printed three to four months before they hit bookshops, making Preview a great way to find out about upcoming titles before anyone else.

But be warned – there are only limited copies of each Preview book available for review, so you need to register your interest immediately.

When you register you are expressing interest for the following:

A free advance copy of the specified book sent to your postal address, in exchange for a brief review of the book that may be used for promotional purposes by Better Reading and the relevant publisher.

Important details:

– We need all your details, including your email address and postal address, for your expression of interest to be successful.

– Preview is currently only open to Australia-based readers.

– A successful registration to review a Preview book is for that single title, only. With every new Preview book announced, you will need to express interest again.

– When announced, Preview expressions of interest are open for one week, OR until all reviewing spots have been filled.

– Better Reading and the relevant publisher will never share the details provided by Preview reviewers for any purposes beyond the relevant Preview campaign.

– Preview demand is very high, and there are only limited spots available for each title. To keep things fair, if you fail to provide a review for a Preview title on two occasions, you will unfortunately not be selected for future Preview titles.

What happens after I express interest?

If you have been successful, you will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards from Better Reading. This will contain a review deadline and a link through which to submit your review. It will also contain other details on the reviewing process.

About your Preview review:

– Preview reviews may feature on the Better Reading website and the Better Reading Facebook page. The relevant publisher may also use the reviews for promotion. When reviews are used for promotional purposes, each reviewer will only be identified by their first name and Australian state. Reviews may be edited slightly, just for the purposes of brevity and clarity.

– Social media posts about Preview may be shared by Better Reading on its social media channels and/ or website.

– All Preview reviews must be no longer than 200 words and must be received by the deadline specified in your confirmation email. You will generally have four weeks to submit your review, from the time you receive your book.

– We want you to have fun with Preview – post photos of your book on Instagram or Facebook when you receive it, and when you’ve read it, share your thoughts using the hashtag #BRPreview. Be sure to tag Better Reading in your posts – we love to hear from our readers! And if you have a Goodreads account, we encourage you to share your reviews there too.


  1. Jodi Corbett

    I would love to review The Strangers We Know by Pip Drysdale – thank you for the opportunity to do so

  2. Inez Little

    I would love the chance to read a preview copy of this book. I am always after new authors and types of books. This one looks amazing!

  3. Catherine Brauer

    What an amazing plot. It sounds like a read that I can lose myself in – I’m intrigued already.

  4. Deanne Jackson

    Yes please

  5. Katrina Fordham

    Love reading 🥰 it’s my fave past time. I finish one book and always have another lined up. I loved reading pip drysdales first book. Loved her easy to read style and her modern way with words. Would love to preview this latest book. And any other books you throw at me to preview 😁

  6. Cassandra Hale

    After reading The Sunday Girl I have been eagerly awaiting Pip Drysdale’s next instalment. Reading and writing are my passion, it would be delightful to review The Strangers We Know.

  7. Ike Levick

    This sounds like it could be a really funny, refreshing read and I’d love one of your 50 copies please!

  8. Vivien Stewart

    This email was sent 30 minutes ago and already the number of copies have been taken. When do we who haven’t been sitting on the computer all day get to preview any book. I have previewed a couple of titles but have missed out on the last 5 because I have been too late by 20 minutes.

  9. Michelle Acreman

    I would love to read and review this book. Thank you.

  10. Simone B

    Would love a preview copy please

  11. Julie Waddell

    This is my first comment so may I be considered to preview The Strangers We Know please.

  12. Linda Bailey

    I’d love to preview this book

  13. Leanne Brooks

    Wow.. sounds great! Yes please!

  14. Lesley Evans

    Would be good to read

  15. Sally

    I would love to preview this book…I love mysteries. Thank you for the opportunity

  16. Tash Gerada

    Thank you for the opportunity to preview this novel. It sounds riveting.

  17. Michelle Edwards

    Sounds like an intriguing book, would love to review. Thank you

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