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Table for Eight by Tricia Stringer – Your Preview Verdict

October 19, 2018

Table For Eight by Tricia Stringer is a Better Reading Preview title, meaning that a handful of lucky readers were able to review the book before anyone else! Table for Eight is an uplifting story of unlikely dining companions thrown together on a glamorous cruise. The book tackles troubled relationships, second chances and love old and new, and Preview reviewers have really enjoyed their reading experience, describing Table For Eight as engaging, compassionate, brilliant, and heartwarming. Just take a look at these stellar reviews!

This book will make you want to book a cruise immediately! I loved everything about it so much that once I started reading I could not put it down. It was so wonderfully written with the fabulous Ketty as the lead character, and it has parts that will make you laugh, smile and even possibly shed a tear but ultimately make you feel warm inside. All of the characters are so relatable and you definitely find yourself absorbed into each of their stories with each turn of the page that you just don’t want it to end. This is definitely a must for your summer reading list! – Amanda, VIC

I really enjoyed the voyage that ‘Table For Eight’ took me on, it was very easy to read and the chapters flowed well. It is a gentle story that deals with difficult subjects like infidelity and grief in a sensitive way. There was humour, drama and mystery within its pages and the descriptions of the ship, passengers and scenery were colourful and evocative. I loved meeting the passengers that were thrown together for dinner and discovering their secrets. The relationships and characters were interesting and some like Josie had much nicer personalities than others like Christine. As the story built I had trouble putting it down as I couldn’t wait to know what would result. By the end of the book, ten days cruising on the ‘Diamond Duchess’ worked its magic on the cruisers as well as on the readers and I was left wanting to follow the passengers back to every day lives to find out more. – Janelle, NSW

Having been on a cruise before, reading ‘Table for Eight’ brought back many pleasant memories. This is an easy to read, delightful novel which follows the lives of its main eight characters who dine together on a pacific islands cruise. It flows easily from character to character while still including a few unexpected twists to keep the reader engaged. – Daneka, QLD

I have enjoyed Tricia Stringer’s rural romances and historical novels, but here is something different. Table For Eight is set on a cruise ship with people of varied ages and pasts. But as usual she enchants the reader with very believable characters. We weave our way through the whole cruise with them and on the way learn their histories, their strengths and their failings. Each brings past scars from their lives, and how these are resolved is the essence of the story. Ketty Clift is the puppet master who leads the eight at the dining table and whose wisdom and kindness are evident although sometimes misunderstood. A long lost lover threatens to sabotage her life and she is torn between wanting to go back and needing to go forward. With a grieving widower, an unhappy divorcee, a younger couple trying to manipulate her father, a spirited lady out for fun, and the maître d of the dining room, there is plenty to entertain. Each stop in port adds another dimension to the tale. It seems there may be no satisfying conclusion but of course the ends are left open for the reader to continue the story. – Robin, WA

 All aboard for a read that weaves its way into your mind through eight people who are seated together for meals on a beautiful tropical cruise. Led by Ketty, a woman of style and grace and a regular cruise taker, the characters are built with flaws and histories; the story joyfully focusses on the relationships which are new and reconnected. A book which sits like a best friend relaxing with you. You can get lost in the lush destinations, and the intertwining of stories and lives. With heartwarming love, and the untangling of pasts we read how these eight passengers boarded a ship for a holiday, and find much more. – Michelle, VIC

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