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Encyclopedia of Food & Cookery

by Margaret Fulton

Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery is an Australian classic for new and experienced cooks alike, who are looking for a one-stop-shop which advises on everything from buying ingredients to food preparation to professional cooking hints and over 1500 recipes ranging from gnocchi to souffle to lasagne, pate, breads and much more.

As Australia’s best known and most loved cookery writer Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery is the definitive collection of her recipes and life’s work. In one authoritative volume she provides helpful guidance and inspiring ideas on how to use everyday foods and exotic flavours – from what to consider when buying ingredients to basic preparation and cooking tips.

For Margaret Fulton, her greatest enjoyment is in sharing her cooking knowledge to help you bring good food into your home.

Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopedia of Food & Cookery is the essential cooking companion and the first book you’ll reach for to find dependable advice in the kitchen.


‘I love Fulton because it basically has the solution for cooking just about anything you might find in the supermarket but, more than that, over the years I’ve found that whether its golden syrup dumplings, lemon delicious or pancakes, no-one’s recipes are quite as good as hers.’  Matt Preston


01 January, 1983

About Margaret Fulton

Margaret Fulton is one of Australia’s leading and best-loved cookery experts. The matriarch of Australian cooking, she has been credited with changing the way Australians eat. Her original The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, first published in 1968 sold over 1.5 million copies and taught generations of Australian families how to cook and entertain. Margaret has been nominated by the National Trust as an Australian Living National Treasure and, in 2009, she was named by a Sydney Morning Herald panel as one of the 25 Australians who has most changed the nation.

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