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In Certain Circles

by Elizabeth Harrower

Zoe Howard is seventeen when her brother, Russell, introduces her to Stephen Quayle. Aloof and harsh, Stephen is unlike anyone she has ever met, ‘a weird, irascible character out of some dense Russian novel’. His sister, Anna, is shy and thoughtful, ‘a little orphan’.

Zoe and Russell, Stephen and Anna: they may come from different social worlds but all four will spend their lives moving in and out of each other’s shadow.

“A brilliant exploration of relationships, marriage, thwarted passion and the beauty and the price of love.” – Herald Sun

About Elizabeth Harrower

Elizabeth Harrower was born in Sydney. Her first novel Down in the City was published in 1957, followed by The Long Prospect a year later. She published The Catherine Wheel in 1960, and The Watch Tower in 1966. One of the most important Australian writers of the postwar period, her work is austere, intelligent and ruthless in its perceptions of men and women.

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