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Sweet Wattle Creek

by Kaye Dobbie

Kaye Dobbie’s Sweet Wattle Creek is an intriguing story of three women that kept us turning the pages and wondering what was coming next. It’s a masterfully woven tale that transports us back in time to the turn of the nineteenth century, to the 1930s, and takes us forward again to the 1980s. 

In the years following the Great Depression, Belle Bartholomew arrives in the rural Victorian town of Sweet Wattle Creek to claim her inheritance – a decrepit hotel once owned by Martha Ambrose in the early 1900s. Belle is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her birth and find out why the hotel was bequeathed to her. However, she runs into opposition from the locals who want to keep the town’s secrets under wraps.

In the 1980s, journalist Sophie Matheson is on a quest to find Belle and her family after discovering an antique wedding dress. But as the Sweet Wattle Creek Centenary approaches, Sophie’s own past catches up with her. She must find out who exactly Belle and Martha were and uncover the link between the two women.

Sweet Wattle Creek a delightfully told tale, with a flowing, easy-to-follow narrative despite the jumping from one timeline to another, and with the artfully unfolding mystery at its core, a real page-turner.

This is historical romance but Sweet Wattle Creek also confronts universal issues, including poverty, war, domestic violence, grief and the role of women in society.

Dobbie is the author of numerous books in different genres under many pseudonyms. Her most recent under Kaye Dobbie and another historical romance was Colours of Gold. While writing in the romance genre, Dobbie says in a recent interview with the Bendigo Advertiser: “Romance is the essential and central theme in those books but mine has lots of characters, different time periods and issues.”  Dobbie lives in the Victorian town of Bendigo in an old house with her husband, children and “far too many animals”.


About Kaye Dobbie

Looking back, Kaye Dobbie always seemed to be writing something, but the first time she actually thought she might make a career as a writer was when she won the local short story contest. As well as writing for Avon in the USA under the name Sara Bennett, over the years she has written for Mills & Boon/Harlequin as Deborah Miles. She also wrote as Lilly Sommers for the Australian market. She currently juggles her writing with sharing an old house and big garden with her husband, as well as far too many animals.

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