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The Magical Life of Mr Renny

by Leo Timmers

Mr. Renny’s paintings are so good that they almost appear real. But no one seems to pay them any attention—until a strange man offers to make everything that Mr. Renny paints come to life. First there’s the painting of the apple, which Mr. Renny can now eat. Then there’s a huge hotdog, a new car, a cruise liner…

Mr. Renny paints himself a life of luxury—until his friend Rose comes to ask if she can buy one of his paintings. But he doesn’t have any real paintings left! The spell must be broken—and soon! A book containing subtle references to the work of Belgian surrealist René Magritte, the illustrations are full of clever and amusing details.


03 August, 2012

About Leo Timmers

Leo Timmers was born in 1970, in Belgium. Trained in Graphic Design, he began to illustrate children’s books. Gradually he started writing stories himself. In 2000 he received a Bookfeather Award for his illustrations in 'Happy with me'. He won the annual Children’s and Youth Jury Award in both 2005 with Just in Time (written by Bart Demyttenaere) and 2006 with Supermouse. In 2007 he won with his picture book Who is driving? His books have been published in France, Spain, Norway, Finland, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Korea, UK, Israel, Portugal, Germany and Japan. Leo also illustrates for magazines such as HUMO and various advertising agencies. Over the years his style has evolved, but it has always been marked by humour, form, colour, and incisive ideas. Leo lives in Brussels with his wife and two daughters.


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